Hejira – Celebrating Joni Mitchell – Sunday 5th May 7pm

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Hejira – Celebrating Joni Mitchell – Sunday 5th May 7pm @The Cornish Bank, Falmouth

In case you are fans of Joni Mitchell – and live near enough to Falmouth, here’s a gig that I’d highly recommend you coming out for: All the details are on their website, here: https://thecornishbank.co.uk/TheCornishBank.dll/WhatsOn?f=90493

Here, in brief, is what it’s all about:

‘Hejira’ – celebrating Joni Mitchell (a 7-piece band featuring Hattie Whitehead, performing Mitchell’s greatest works)
Taking on the role of Joni Mitchell will be the outstanding vocalist Hattie Whitehead – who not only pulls off the qualities of Mitchell’s singing but also plays guitar like Joni, involving all sorts of Mitchell’s ‘open tunings’. Hattie grew up, surrounded by world-class musicians – being the daughter of the brilliant saxophonist, Tim Whitehead. Aside from mastering Joni’s vocal mannerisms, Hattie is a great singer/songwriter in her own right: she won the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition in 2016 and has subsequently had hundreds of thousands of streams of her original works listened to.

The material that this band performs is drawn primarily from Mitchell’s masterpiece live album, ‘Shadows And Light’. The songs on that album are beautiful, exciting and, as always with Joni, totally touching in the poignancy of the lyrics. Importantly, as with the original personnel, the band – though comprised of great and highly experienced jazz musicians – is there with the primary objective of serving the music!

As it was Joni Mitchell’s 80th birthday last year – and what with her being awarded a Grammy this year – we feel that there couldn’t be a better time for celebrating the major works of, arguably, the greatest singer-songwriter of the 20th century.

Expect an evening of Joni’s ‘great songs’, such as ‘Amelia’, ‘Woodstock’, ‘A Case Of You’, ’Song For Sharon’, ‘Edith And The Kingpin’ ‘Hejira’, ‘Black Crow’ etc.!

The band comprises:

Hattie Whitehead ~ vocals & guitar
Ollie Weston ~ tenor & soprano saxophones
Chris Eldred ~ keyboards
Pete Oxley ~ guitar
Dave Jones ~ bass
Rick Finlay ~ drums
Marc Cecil ~ percussion

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