Hartless (Moore-Lizzy Show)

Appearing at The Band Club in St Austell on Saturday 20th September: a fascinating tribute to Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy by members of some of the greatest tribute bands in the Country.

“ROCK, is back. For good. After the ‘Goontown’ over produced and over styled 80s pop, through the horror of ‘Grunge’ and the wasteland of the 90s, there is at last a genuine phenomenon for Rock music again. There are a lot of people out there who want it!”.

These words from HARTLESS founder member, and songwriter Greg Hart are filled with a genuine reborn optimism that the time is once more right to record and release a good honest British rock album, straight from the veins of the glory years of the 1970s. A time when you would genuinely look forward to the new releases from THIN LIZZY, UFO, JUDAS PRIEST and co.

“The 1990s were a critical time for me, as a professional musician watching grunge destroy my hopes of success with my band IF ONLY and my good friends ASIA, whom I had guested and co-wrote much of their AQUA opus. Geoff Downes indeed, produced the If Only album ‘No Bed Of Roses’ “. Both releases were critically acclaimed, throughout Europe, but way too late. Forced into the lucrative ‘tribute’ scene for many years, it was not until he joined Thin Lizzy tribute Limehouse Lizzy, that Greg once again found the enthusiasm to one day “try to record the album I always knew I had in me. I tried my love for AOR with my band ‘GTS’ in the mid nineties, but despite being with two awesome musicians, the internet had not quite evolved at that point for our albums to succeed at all. Then I joined Limehouse!”

“Limehouse Lizzy, the relentless tribute touring machine, just could never find the time to record, so a decision was made, and I had to leave. I was always a songwriter, and the frustration to record was now, way out of control. So after seven years, and a million guitar solos later, it was time to go in search of the players who could help me achieve the ‘album I always wanted to do’. A classic 70s style rock album. The album I wanted to hear in 2007. I already knew in my mind that the musicians I wanted to join me. The ones I felt could capture the spirit of what I had in mind.”

Enter Guitarist, Marty Wells and Bassist Ray Edmunds, both former band colleagues from aeons ago. Both crazy Thin Lizzy fanatics, and superb musicians. Both easy to track down. Both available for the First time in over 25 years! Both agreeing to join in the fun.

“At just 17 the three of us were so influenced by Lizzy, we made sure we bought the same guitars and clothes! But more importantly we tried to emulate in our writing, the songs and spirit of Philip Lynott in our band.”

The old line-up was back. Nearly… Enter Michael Van Dell, the drummer who had first played with Greg in 1985 after the tragic death of their founder drummer. Mick stepped up to the line that tragic summer, and a friendship was born. He was the natural choice to complete this band of merry men. All four, now knowing and understanding the job in hand, of creating the album that was now becoming an obsession.

Recording at Martys’ ‘Harmony Factory’ recording studio, in Sussex, the fun began. The process of capturing all the musical ideas that had festered for so long began with Marty at the helm. It was clear from the start that this album, was going to be the finished dream of all four of them. The dream, from way back, as kids in 1980, to the multi media ‘space age’ era that is 2007.

Why Full Circle?

“Our lives have taken such diverse paths for a quarter of a century. Just the fact we have all managed to stay alive, well, and enthusiastic about our music is a testament to us as all as individuals. And now, as a new band, that has found a zest for life and the hunger to bring the album to the digital world.”


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