2U2 return

Live at The Keay Theatre, St Austell, Saturday 24th February, 2U2// are the most accurate tribute to the mighty U2. Since their formation they have been generating a huge amount of attention and a rapidly expanding fan base.

U2 over the last two decades have given us some of the most memorable songs together with the best live performances of any band seen today. Their world wide status and unmistaken sound makes it difficult to capture their sound and presence on stage until now, with the fantastic voice of Brian O Glanby (Bono) who hails from Ireland the 2U2// tribute band can uncannily take you back to the early days with songs like New Years Day and Streets Have No Name – and right up to their new album Vertigo and Sometimes You Can’t make it on Your Own.

Brian’s presence, charisma and an incredibly accurate vocals on stage backed with the powerful performance of the band likens 2U2// to being possibly the closest thing that U2 fans will ever hear to the real thing. Many might attempt to copy the vocal passion and harmonies of Bono; Brian stands out from the rest in that he delivers it with a sound that is virtually indistinguishable from the great man himself.

The band’s attention to detail and pursuit of perfection are pivotal to recording the sound, presence and energy of U2 on stage. Their live performance hits you head on, brimming with passion, raw energy, grit and vocal harmony. The guitar sounds are a swirling mass of echoes, chimes and delays and the rhythm – strong, solid and up beat.

Box Office 01726 226777 tickets £10 advanced £12 door, 2 hour standing event with full bar.

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