M3 – classic Whitesnake at Princess Pavilion Thursday 3 March

For a huge army of fans around the world, the classic line-up of Whitesnake which recorded albums such as ‘Ready An’ Willing’, ‘Live In The Heart Of The City’ and ‘Come An’ Get it’ was the definitive rock band of the late 70s and early 80s.

There is something unique about the combination of musicians who built Whitesnake’s success that cannot be replicated, and the songs that they wrote and recorded together are still incredibly popular. The bluesy twin guitars of Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody, together with bassist Neil Murray, are back together in a new band, M3 – Classic Whitesnake, to perform the songs that took Whitesnake to the stadiums of the world.

They are joined by well known guest musicians, including the incredible vocals of Stefan Bergrren, best known for his work with Company of Snakes and Snakes in Paradise, Jimmy Copley on drums from Paul Rodger’s and Tony Iommi’s band and on keyboards Mark Stanway (Magnum, Grand Slam) among others. Rock anthems like ‘Ain’t No love In The Heart Of The City’, ‘Here I Go Again’, ‘Don’t Break My Heart Again’ and ‘Fool For Your Loving’ are just some of the many classic Whitesnake songs that M3 – Classic Whitesnake perform, with full audience participation expected!

The concept behind M3 is to build on the foundations of the original Whitesnake members by experimenting with other top players, including guest appearances from other early contributors to the Whitesnake story (they were joined on stage by Don Airey in London, earlier this year). The touring band consists of: Bernie Marsden (guitar/vocals) was a founder member of Whitesnake but his career also includes stints with UFO, Wild Turkey, Cozy Powell, Babe Ruth, PAL, Alaska, Moody Marsden, and recently the Company of Snakes. He has done song writing, production and session work for many acts, and outside of M3 Bernie leads his blues band, Big Boy Blue. Micky Moody (guitar/vocals)is best known for his role in the definitive Whitesnake line-up, though his vast and varied career has included working with Juicy Lucy, Snafu, Graham Bonnet, Frankie Miller, Chris Farlowe, Roger Chapman, Moody Marsden Band and Company of Snakes. Neil Murray was also an original member of Whitesnake, playing on 8 albums and many tours, and is one of the most experienced bass guitarists in rock, recording and touring with bands and musicians such as Brian May, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Company of Snakes and Peter Green just to mention a few. He also is in the band for the hit musical We Will Rock You.

Stefan Bergrren (vocals) was the awesome voice of Company of Snakes and Snakes in Paradise during the late 90s. Stefan has been compared with iconic vocalists such as Paul Rogers. Jimmy Copley (drums) is a fantastically powerful and funky drummer who is best known for touring and recording with artists such as Paul Rodgers, Tony Iommi, Ian Gillan and Jeff Beck. In the words of Bernie, “Jimmy drives the band like no other drummer since Cozy Powell or Ian Paice. He is exceptional.” Mark Stanway is the keyboard backbone to long established prog-rockers, Magnum and during the 1980’s he regularly topped ‘best keyboardist’ polls, coming third to the likes of Jon Lord and Don Airey.

Listen to M3 live with your eyes closed and you would be forgiven for believing you were listening to Jon Lord and Ian Paice on stage with the M3 boys! M3 will also be promoting a forthcoming live DVD recorded in the summer of 2004, featuring both Stefan and Doogie White (ex-Rainbow singer) on vocals. This an an existing live album will be available from the bands website.

For more information visit: www.classicwhitesnake.com

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