Music Making a Difference!

One World Beat Global Music Festival is a live 3-day global music festival providing a platform for musicians of all genres to unite and convey a message of hope through their music, all to benefit the victims of AIDS.

The One World Beat Global Music Festival is not only a collaboration of musicians united in a global effort, it also serves as a platform for the thousands of local and international non-profit organizations currently working for a better social environment to communicate their message to a world-wide audience. In these times of international insecurity there is a strong need to send out positive messages and allow voices of the people in need, to be heard.

Music has become a permanent presence in our daily lives and is the perfect vehicle to reach people of all ages. The One World Beat Music Festival is a great way to communicate the message of hope to millions of people around the world – through music. We also believe that One World Beat Festival has tremendous growth potential and will continue to provide a platform for musicians and charitable organizations to convey their message for years to come.

In addition, the One World Beat Music Festival provides an opportunity for thousands of everyday citizens to get involved through volunteerism.

Supported by the United Nations Education Consortium Organization (UNESCO), and artists such as Phil Collins, the 2003 One World Beat Festival led to a global volunteer effort. As a result, the events helped raise money for a number of charities around the world including: United Planet (USA), Children for Change (Canada), Source of Hope Foundation (Lithuania), Here for Life Suicide Prevention (Australia), Victims of Violence (Alaska, USA), Stir Network (Nigeria), Kids Helping Kids (USA) and many others.

With momentum from the success of the 2003 event, 2004 One World Beat Music Festival, will benefit global AIDS relief organizations.

“The idea of giving musicians the possibility to be part of a humanitarian project in a direct way was a natural one to me,” says Andy Treichler, founder of One World Beat. “After all, so much music is about changing the world, about making it better. I see One World Beat as a way to allow musicians like myself to do something more than just sing about making a difference. Now, we have an opportunity to actually do it.”

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