Three Great Acts

Three great acts, all new to me, this week.

First, Al Hodge at The Watermans. I’d seen Al’s name on gig lists for a while but never caught him before. Good guitar, fine vocals and a Jethroesque line of patter mean that I’ll be earlier next time. First time I’ve seen a soloist with two soundies!

Saturday night, it was Bates Motel at the PoW. They were recommended by several musos that afternoon and I loved the tight sound and up-front fiddler. They are doing a bit abroad at present and come back from time to time for the craic.

The third band was Kernow Calling. Arnie sidled up to me on The Moor around 5.30 and asked, “Wanna band?”. They wanted to do a tribute to The Clash and the late Joe Strummer. Since the final act had failed to show, I told Arnie they’d got half an hour if they got on quickly. They’d been rehearsing in a basement next to the Seven Stars and soon emerged, like troglodytes, to set up in record time.

I was told to ask them not to swear – an undertaking they cheerfully broke, being somewhat rude to Pres Bush as well, but they were easily forgiven for a high-octane 25 mins, full of virtuosity. At one point, I’d taken a shot of the stage and, when I lowered the camera, was confronted by Lefty on the deck, still at full throttle, before being hauled back by Arnie. Their rhythm section was moonlighting from a legendary local band,

Lefty tells me their last Clash gig will be this Saturday at the PoW, after which they will evolve in a new direction.

Two other good bands in the pm were worthy of mention. Audiosoup, a newly-formed college band. Good rhythms and vocals and hats off to Simon who played on with an bloody finger. Scaramanga were also good and I’ll be hearing them both again soon.

All in all, a very good week, which made up for the grief of late withdrawals.

TiGeR 14.05.03

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