Lazin’ on a Sunday afternoon

I haven’t been out on a Sunday for quite a while and certainly not in the afternoon since the Watermans stopped the jazz a year or more back.

I made the effort to hear jOhNcOcKs (see at the PoW. I haven’t heard him for a while but he’s always good value and I was rewarded by a couple of slide (bottleneck) blues, Red Rooster in particular.

If that wasn’t enough, it was Nancy’s birthday and I caught the Bingo Twins at teatime. Last time I heard Matt E and Jonathan P was at the twelve in twelve gig at the Pavilion way back (thanks to Matt R & Richie) and it’s my own fault that I haven’t heard them since. They didn’t disappoint with a melange of hits through the Beatles to T Rex and Dylan plus the eponymous title of this piece – extremely accomplished.

Last time I spoke to Matt E I passed on an e-mail from Boston and later that evening (out again!)I spoke to Me and The Devil after a great gig at the S&G and heard from Steve that a lady from Finland had found them through our columns (2-3k hits per month these days, but enough boasting).

And so, after a quickie at Rems, to bed. Glad I came out!.


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