Fire & Water

Some time ago I wandered in to the Pirate on the off chance and was well rewarded by a young band that blew me away. In chemistry or physics, I recall that fire & water = steam and these guys raised plenty of that.

To my shame I can’t remember any of the names but I remember telling someone that the singer had more than a hint of Janis Joplin about her which was triumphantly confirmed when she encored with an acapella Lord Won’t You Buy Me. If this wasn’t enough the lead guitar came out with a few Hendrix-like riffs and the rest were pretty good too.

Anyway, I caught them again at the Pirate in May and they were better than I remembered. They had several Cornish dates around then and will be back this way in September, particularly at the Waterfront on the 14th. They’re working on a web-site so look out for a link to Fire & Water.

Another good band who play the Pirate fairly regularly are the Torquay–based Soft Toy Heroes who can be found on

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