Half Term on The Moor

Last week saw a continuation of music on the Moor which, due to it being half term, was aimed at the younger generation although there was much to please adults also.

Things kicked off on the previous Saturday with Void, the young Newquay band who have received much recent exposure on Channel 5. Due to the unavoidable re-siting of the stage and the fact that the guys played their own material with their usual attack, even though their volume was as low as possible, there were complaints about noise including one from a lady who labelled them hooligans. There was a rich irony about this as they had just completed a number which referred to the false perception of adults about the young which included that very word. The lads were wearing suits as well! However, the Environmental Health Officer, who had been called as soon as they commenced their sound check, decided that, since it was afternoon and a good crowd of youngsters were gathered, no action was called for. The boyz dun good and it was noticeable that a few grey hairs, other than the writer, were bopping along too.

Only the roundabouts and climbing wall were in operation on Sunday but on Monday the music recommenced with Jacob’s Folk (Dave Bacon and Paul Anthony, always good value) alternating with Professor Goodvibes who entertained on stilts and with a Punch and Judy show. In the afternoon, a new young band took the stage. B.laddered, who are named after their usual venue rather than their drinking habits, debuted a six piece line up with a melange of blues, funk and jazz. Though it was a first public performance in that formation, the result was pretty good and should lead to greater things.

On Tuesday we tipped our hat towards One World Week with a performance by Mo and Hava Haji who performed their own brand of acoustic reggae culminating with a particularly appropriate “Shalom, Salaam Eleikum”. Mo and his guitar are well known around Falmouth and Hava is an excellent complement on flute. Continuing the theme, they were followed by the Smith family from Connor Downs with some great folky tunes climaxed by the Baha’i song “One Planet, One People”. Later, John Cocks performed some of his own fine material on guitar and, finally came Suki and Josie with more guitars and vocals.

On Wednesday, Jake Jones (keys) and Andy Ashton (gtr) performed some of Andy’s stuff, for Falmouth is not only blessed with fine musicians, we seem to have a lot of fine song-writers too. They and Len Hatcher (gtr) alternated with a juggler who entertained a good crowd despite a gusty wind. Finally, in the afternoon, the Slaves performed their usual brand of frantic folk to a very appreciative audience. They kindly agreed to shorten their usual name (The Sex Slaves from Hell) to reduce any flak that the music organiser, TiGeR, might otherwise have taken.

The whole event came under the aegis of the Town Centre Forum and thanks go to its chair, John Slaughter, Cllrs Gray and Bottomley and Town Clerk, Bob Blezzard, Sian Robbins from Carrick who provided advice, van and marquee, kato of LA21 and John Stanley of the Civic Society. Thanks also to the Town Council, the Community Fund and South West Water who provided the funds. Particular thanks to J&A Sound Systems who were much appreciated by the performers.

On Thursday and Friday FalmouthOne (our embryonic Community Development Trust) took over with a variety of workshops, mostly in the Methodist Church. First was a very popular drumming workshop by Al from Ramshaka and Kevin. Lots of adults and children learned to knock out some great Latin rhythms. Upstairs, Jeannie and Lesley led a Make and Play session for parents and children which was hugely enjoyed, probably because it involved lots of gunk and slime, yeeuk. Later, a mural was planned and was painted next day using unwanted paint collected by the re-paint scheme run by Falmouth Green Centre. Carol from Maverick’s gave a cooking demo, the results of which went down extremely well. There was another workshop on how to make music on computers which attracted a good mixture of young and old and, upstairs, another make music session conducted by Zebedees of Truro who will benefit from the 12 bands in 12 hours gig at the Pavilion on Saturday, 10th November. (review to follow)

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